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Community 1st is proud of our local partnerships and the local impact we have jointly delivered with the NHS over the years.

We continue to work together with our partners to provide expert estate services to continue to adapt local health care premises to changing health service needs.

This week’s NHS LIFT exemplar is the Truro Health Park in Truro, Cornwall. Find out more here:

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Community 1st is proud to be a part of the LIFT council, the associate body representing 85% of LIFT public private partnership companies.

LIFT was a central Government initiative to bring the NHS and private sector together to deliver local health estate transformation and bring a range of healthcare services closer to communities in modern fit-for-purpose buildings.

Collectively the LIFT Council are celebrating 20 years of transforming NHS Estate.

Community 1st is proud of our local partnerships and the local impact we have jointly delivered with the NHS over the years. We continue to work together with our partners to provide expert estate services to continue to adapt local health care premises to changing health service needs.

We are procurement cleared to provide any estate service in our local areas of operation and have worked on numerous capital works projects, including variations and essential back log maintenance works across our managed estate and the wider NHS estate over the years.

You can read more here about our extensive service offer:

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We are an established long-term partner to the NHS, and we work together with our local NHS partners to deliver expert estate services including 24/7 facilities management services to the highest standard.

We are procurement cleared to provide a wide range of estate services to our local areas of operation. Our Facilities Management partner Blue Support Services provide 24/7 reactive and pre-planned maintenance and all statutory compliance services across our managed health estate.

Find out more about Blue Support Services here:

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Remodelling works at one of Sheffield’s health centres have enabled a GP practice to relocate into modern, fit-for-purpose facilities.

A refit of Darnall Primary Care Centre completed in April 2021, creating a new reception desk and additional admin rooms have enabled nearby York Road Surgery to relocate into larger, more modern premises, improving patient services presently inhibited by a lack of space.

The project was completed on behalf of Community 1st Sheffield as the building owner and the head tenant, Community Health Partnerships.

Jon Keegan, General Manager of Community 1st Sheffield, said: “Darnall Primary Care Centre was designed with flexibility in mind to enable the building to change in response to the needs of the local community. We are delighted that this project enables more local patients to access these excellent facilities.”

The building continued to provide services to registered patients throughout the works. The construction and property management teams appointed by Community 1st worked effectively to minimise any operational disruption to the building. They completed the project 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Community 1st Sheffield has developed a total of seven primary care centres across the city for our local NHS and local authority partners. Community 1st Sheffield has also undertaken many minor works and property adaptations to reflect the changing demands of Primary Care services in Sheffield. These include including the completion of variation works to Jordanthorpe Medical Centre.

Change is not new to the Health and Social Care System and working under pressure is not new to the Health and Social Care system. What is new to the Health and Social Care system is the requirement to deliver services against a back drop of unprecedented change and, an ongoing global pandemic.

Those working within the health and social care system in any role, at any level during this current time are experiencing an ongoing pressure, not only to continue to meet the demands borne out of the pandemic, but to also design and develop strategic plans that will deliver the targets set out in The Long Term Plan and those detailed in the more recent white paper; Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all.

This new policy direction presents considerable challenges for all sectors involved in the planning and delivery of health and social care services. For Community 1st, in our role as the approved local LIFT, Property and Partnering Services partner in Cornwall, Sheffield and Oldham, we recognise that the benefits of working together to support our local partners, organisations and communities has never been more pertinent.

The team at Community 1st pride ourselves on the successful partnerships we have developed over the years. As we continue to navigate the changing NHS and Social Care landscape we continue to recognise and commit to working even more closely with our partners.

As part of this commitment, we have been working hard to create the ability for our assets to host services without fear of contamination and without a constant interruption to service delivery.

We have adopted a system called LumiBio which runs in real time, no interruption in service, nothing extra for staff to do and a weekly audit trail to demonstrate the efficacy and to provide peace of mind.

We have been running this system across key parts of our managed estate and in the longest running scenario at the ICC in Oldham we have maintained a zero pathogen environment for over 40 weeks.

This means that services hosted in our buildings where this system is being utilised are provided in a safe protected pathogen free bubble, safer for patients and safer for staff.

Talk to us about your particular care pathway and we will provide a solution.

With operational support delivered by our 24/7 estates and FM teams whose services now include the delivery and installation of our advanced Infection, Prevention and Control system, LumiBio, you can be assured that we will deliver outstanding results and ensure staff and patients are protected against infection risks in key clinical and social care settings.

We will continue to support the strategic planning and development of options for improved and more efficient use of existing health and social care estate, and the creation of new models of care. As an example we are also supporting the development of an enhanced digital care platform that enables people to receive treatment and care in their own homes.

Change is inevitable, and whilst it is often feared, all staff working within the health and social care system have worked through extraordinary change during the most extraordinary times. We will continue to play our part in supporting you, our partners through the next challenge that lies ahead.

Our UK Helpdesk Team based in Oldham, provide 24/7 all year-round support for our health care estate, coordinating every job undertaken across the health care estate from the initial call to the resolution of the issue.

Our friendly and professional Helpdesk team know our estate and tenants and provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week working in partnership with our Property and Facility Management teams to ensure the smooth running of our managed healthcare estate in Oldham, Sheffield and Cornwall.

Find out more about our partnering services here:

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Our locally based Facilities Management Teams in Oldham, Sheffield and Cornwall provide access to a range of skills to ensure statutory compliance across our managed estate and resource to manage reactive emergency call outs and pre-planned maintenance tasks 24/7, all year round, to ensure the smooth running of these premises for our tenants.

Our Facilities management teams ensure the highest standards of maintenance, compliance, safety and environmental conditions are maintained. This is coordinated through a dedicated UK based helpdesk providing 24/7 support.

Our regional teams supported by our construction teams undertake backlog maintenance and capital works projects for our NHS Partners.

Find out more about our facilities management estate services here:

T: 0161 8319722

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One of Sheffield’s distinguished health centres is being remodelled to accommodate a relocated GP surgery.

In March 2021 variation works at Darnall Medical Centre will create a new reception desk and additional admin rooms to allow nearby York Road surgery to relocate into these modern, fit-for-purpose facilities. The works are being completed by Community 1st Sheffield as the building owner on behalf of Head Tenant, Community Health Partnerships.

The construction and property management teams appointed by Community 1st have adapted the way they work to ensure safe Covid-19 working systems during the pandemic. They will be working hard to minimise any disruption to staff and patients.

Community 1st Sheffield has developed seven Primary Care centres across the city for our local NHS partners. In addition, Community 1st Sheffield have also undertaken a considerable number of minor works and property adaptations to reflect the changing demands of Primary Care Services across Sheffield, including the recent completion of variation works to Jordanthorpe Medical Centre, Sheffield.

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Our locally based Property Management Teams in Oldham, Sheffield, Cornwall are a dedicated support for our health care estate, working closely with the NHS Tenants representative and practice managers to ensure the smooth running of these facilities.

Our property team ensure the highest standards of maintenance, compliance, safety and environmental conditions are maintained and coordinated through our dedicated UK based helpdesk providing 24/7 support.

Find out more about property and facilities management estate services here:

T: 0161 8319722

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The NHS backlog maintenance bill has risen to over £9 billion, an increase of nearly 40% on the previous year’s costs, according to recently released figures from NHS Digital.

Backlog maintenance is measured by how much would need to be invested to restore a building to an optimum levels. It does not include planned maintenance work. You can read more here:

Across Community 1st’s managed health estate our estate management, facilities and constructions teams have continued through these last ten months with adapted measures to work safely with Covid-19 to provide essential pre-planned maintenance and reactive support to our NHS occupied facilities. This has included completing capital works projects to integrate more primary care services into our centres, and undertaking planned backlog maintenance.

We work closely with our NHS partners to support estate improvement works and have, over the 15 years of our close partnership, managed a wide range of backlog maintenance programmes across Oldham, Sheffield and Cornwall on behalf of local NHS estate teams.

These works have ranged from statutory compliance and estate condition audits to boiler replacements, minor refurbishment works of GP and clinical spaces, window and roof replacements, and large full-scale total refurbishment projects.

Our local skilled teams are available to support our NHS estate partners tackle these increasing challenges and get programmed essential estate works back on track. As Community 1st is already a procured local partner, we can be easily directly appointed.

Contact our team to discuss any backlog maintenance requirements.

As part of our continuous service improvement programme, earlier this year Community 1st gained exclusive access to an advanced Infection Prevention Control System that has been developed by a leading Biotech specialist.

Our aim was to improve and expand our estate service offering and be able to provide our local partners with access to an enhanced Infection, Protection and Control (IPC) System that would achieve and maintain clean, safe, and infection-controlled environments during the height of the pandemic and beyond.

Our local NHS partners have faced the daily challenge of delivering additional IPC measures to enable routine NHS services to continue, along with the delivery of Covid testing in some designated areas. The additional cleaning and disinfection methods have been required to protect staff and patients from infection risks whilst working and attending for treatment in these environments.

Whilst necessary, these traditional infection control methods have placed strain on an already burdened system and does not provide a continual or measured protection against infection risks in these critical clinical environments.

To assist with addressing this challenge Community 1st provided the LumiBio managed service to the Oldham Integrated Care Centre.

LumiBio is an advanced, safe, all-encompassing infection control system that integrates seamlessly into existing IPC methods and cleaning regimes.

LumiBio has been independently analysed and tested for efficacy and proven to eradicate a full range of pathogens including Sars-Cov-2.

LumiBio complies with Public Health England guidance but does not carry any of the risks or potential side effects that other sanitising and disinfection systems provide. It is PH neutral and does not contain any bleach, bleaching agents, no UV light and does not produce any harmful gas. It is not a ‘fogging’ system, it is not administered by anyone wearing PPE and it does not have any adverse effect on staff, patients, the environment, or equipment.

The LumiBio system works in live environments (meaning no downtime) unobtrusively and silently protecting staff and patients and the facility they are in.

How LumiBio works

LumiBio uses an ultrasonic dry misting system that reaches all surfaces, crevices and undersides, to give a protective coating. The treatment is bacteriostatic and immediately penetrates the cell membrane. Working against specific targets it prevents respiration, synthesis and reproduction causing comprehensive damage and cell death, whilst remaining safe to human contact. The complex arrangement of anti-microbial compounds in the treatment provides outstanding results, with at least a 99.999% kill rate on all tested pathogens.

Consistently achieving zero pathogen levels in high-risk clinical areas at the Oldham Integrated Care Centre (ICC)

The LumiBio dry mist units that administer the disinfection treatment were provided in critical clinical areas at the ICC, including the Hot Covid area. Normal cleaning regimes provided by FM and Clinical teams were not affected or adjusted, and no additional tasks were required by the teams working in these areas.

LumiBio treatments were administered following normal cleaning regimes and ran between 6.30am-7.30am. The efficacy of the LumiBio treatment was monitored by the normal managed service element of undertaking daily swab testing. This analysis records and compares the effectiveness of the LumiBio treatment against areas that were subject to traditional cleaning methods only.

The results have been outstanding. Since early August when the LumiBio service commenced at the ICC each area treated with LumiBio has recorded and maintained close to zero pathogen levels including the high risk Covid testing area. Areas subject to traditional cleaning methods only, have recorded spikes in pathogen levels even with traditional and deep cleaning regimes in place which has highlighted the potential for increased infection risks to staff and patients in these areas.

The graph above is an example demonstrating the variation in pathogen levels from Sample 13 clinical space which had daily deep cleaning, in comparison with Sample 2 taken from a HOT COVID area which had daily LumiBio treatment in addition to the deep cleaning regime that remained consistently close to zero.

Positive impact for staff and patients

Working with LumiBio, Community 1st has provided on site support and engagement for clinicians and users of the ICC throughout the introduction of the LumiBio service. This has enabled clinicians and staff to fully understand the safe and high impact nature of this IPC method, it has also provided evidence backed reassurance that the environment that they are working and providing critical treatments in are safe, continuously protected, and clean.

At the request of the clinicians working at the ICC, Community 1st has committed to continue to provide this service to the high-risk Covid area whilst discussions continue with our NHS partners with a view to roll out of the LumiBio service to other key sites such as vaccination hubs in the local area.

Want to know more?

To find out more about this effective wrap around Infection Prevention Control System and the impact it made at the Oldham Integrated Care Centre, contact the Community1st team.


For more information about Lumibio and the benefits of using Lumibio in an NHS setting visit

Bluesky Design Services are our healthcare estate partner and have been working closely with Community 1st for over 15 years. Together we have delivered over 510,000 sq ft of health and wellbeing estate in partnership with the NHS across Oldham, Sheffield, and Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.

Community 1st have worked with Bluesky Design Services on over 21 new build primary care facilities. The design of these buildings allows maximum future flexibility, enabling straightforward adaptations of the space. Bluesky continue to support ongoing smaller variation projects as services evolve, including bringing additional health services into centres.

Bluesky Design Services have a strong design portfolio across the healthcare sector. Projects range from new build design of large community based primary care facilities and acute hospitals as well as mixed-use wellbeing centres through to refurbishment and remodelling of small GP practices.

Director Alison Quinn leads the design team. Alison has over 20 years’ experience leading architectural design projects across the healthcare and other sectors. Our long-term partnership approach to working together with the Bluesky design team ensures we deliver service-led, patient-orientated design solutions matched to a commissioner’s service strategy.

Alison Quinn, Director, said: “We understand from the beginning of our long working relationship that adaptable design solutions were a priority for all stakeholders. Working together over the years we have seen the buildings evolve and adapt to changing needs, which prove the original designs delivered the right solutions.”

Get in touch:
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