Jonathan Keegan, General Manager

Meet the team – Jonathan Keegan, General Manager of Community 1st Sheffield and Oldham

Community 1st Sheffield and Oldham were established in 2004 and 2005 respectively as a local joint venture public private partnership with the aim to develop and maintain community-based primary health, social care, and community premises in these local areas.

Meet our General Manager: As the General Manager, I am responsible for the overall direction and control of Community 1st Sheffield and Oldham reporting to our local boards. I look after the day to day management of the Company and have oversight of the provision of services from Community 1st and our supply chain.

Local partnerships: What has Community 1st  done in partnership with local public sector partners to contribute to transforming communities?

The innovative and award-winning buildings that we have designed, funded and delivered have transformed the provision of healthcare in these areas. Each of these buildings was designed to be flexible to accommodate future service changes, meet the needs of building users and maximise efficiencies.

These buildings comprise over 366,000 sq ft of the highest quality health and community estate across these areas. These buildings have massively improved the clinical environment in Sheffield and Oldham, relocating services previously provided from outdated, often inaccessible buildings that were not fit for purpose into modern and effective facilities conveniently located near to local residents.

We are procurement cleared, have the resources and skills in place to support any local health estate projects in these areas.

Flexible Solutions:

The comprehensive range of in-house resources offered by Community 1st and our supply chain means that we can respond quickly with solutions that meet the distinct set of challenges faced by our partners. Every successful project we deliver involves a unique blend of selections from the array of funding, design, delivery and operational options available – there is no ‘off-the-peg’ response to our clients’ specific objectives.

As well as new build projects, Community 1st has supported a wide range of capital works projects from electrical or heating upgrades to large-scale refurbishments and remodelling of existing premises.

We have a wide portfolio of local experience which you can see here.  Sheffield and Oldham

Future plans: We will continue to work with partners across the NHS and wider public sector, to help provide modern, fit for purpose buildings that give access to a range services close to people’s homes. In particular, we are working on adaptations and variations to existing primary care premises to accommodate new service requirements quickly and affordably to minimise value for money from existing assets.

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