Socially responsible asset management

Socially responsible asset management – our carbon reduction commitments

 Across our healthcare assets, Community 1st have been working with sustainability consultancy Positive Planet to provide an independent measurement of the carbon footprint of our estate.

Positive Planet measured the carbon emissions which Community 1st and our supply chain directly control and influence – the direct emissions relating to the built estate.

All the electricity supplied to our healthcare estate is from 100% renewable sources, so the only carbon emissions measured are those generated from electricity from the grid to the site.

This measurement provides us with a benchmark against which future improvements to our carbon efficiency can be measured.

We collate this data with quantitative data from BEMS and utility bills and deliver a six-monthly report demonstrating a reduction in energy consumption and operational cost savings. We also continue to engage with building users to assess any changes in attitudes towards carbon savings and to discover how any implemented measures have affected comfort levels and behaviour.

This provides a clear picture of the energy performance of the building over time and of the interactions with weather, occupancy, and operating schedules. Our reporting includes recommendations for additional actions to reduce carbon even further.

In the future, we hope to support our NHS partners to reduce emissions from activities indirectly related to our estate, wherever practicable. These include transport used by patients and staff, operational waste and purchased goods and services.

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