NHS Estate – backlog maintenance issues.

The NHS backlog maintenance bill has risen to over £9 billion, an increase of nearly 40% on the previous year’s costs, according to recently released figures from NHS Digital.

Backlog maintenance is measured by how much would need to be invested to restore a building to an optimum levels. It does not include planned maintenance work. You can read more here: https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/blog/2021/01/nhs-estate-backlog-grows-again.

Across Community 1st’s managed health estate our estate management, facilities and constructions teams have continued through these last ten months with adapted measures to work safely with Covid-19 to provide essential pre-planned maintenance and reactive support to our NHS occupied facilities. This has included completing capital works projects to integrate more primary care services into our centres, and undertaking planned backlog maintenance.

We work closely with our NHS partners to support estate improvement works and have, over the 15 years of our close partnership, managed a wide range of backlog maintenance programmes across Oldham, Sheffield and Cornwall on behalf of local NHS estate teams.

These works have ranged from statutory compliance and estate condition audits to boiler replacements, minor refurbishment works of GP and clinical spaces, window and roof replacements, and large full-scale total refurbishment projects.

Our local skilled teams are available to support our NHS estate partners tackle these increasing challenges and get programmed essential estate works back on track. As Community 1st is already a procured local partner, we can be easily directly appointed.

Contact our team to discuss any backlog maintenance requirements.